Friday, August 5, 2011


nota sampah oleh ♛cik.Zaza Zakaria♛
SORRY, because I do not have when you are in problems.
                                                             I do not have it with you when you grieve 
and I am far from you when you need a shoulder to cry
SORRY FRIENDS, because I rarely have time to chat with you.
SORRY, if you feel left out of me.
SORRY dear!!!!!
but I never forget you.
and you need to know you my dearest I love.
and I am most afraid of losing you. 
I did not want to lose friends again!

SORRY i'm not with you right now for listen all of your sadness!!!
notasampah : want to see your smile again dear friends!

4 mereka yang cantik dan kacak:

Lady Ann, said...

it's okayy babe . aku still kuat lagi . tengs for tak care sayangg . i love you : )

✖cik.Zaza Zakaria✖ said...

ko jge diri beb!
i love u too :')

cekgu FaizE said...

=).. lebiu too.. haha.. sebok ja

✖cik.Zaza Zakaria✖ said...

heheeh gekgu faize....
lebiu three <3 <3 <3


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